Tanya Lococo, BA, AICI FLC founder & director of An Image Edge, is a leading Image, Business & Social Protocol Consultant.

Tanya works strategically with her clients to enable them to align their image with their inner personality to establish a style truly their own. She’s uses the ABC of Image; Appearance, Behaviour & Communication to facilitate her clients in reaching their optimum success in their professional & personal life.

In addition to An Image Edge, Tanya has co-founded Coco-Jo, after finding the lack of service available to the time poor client. Coco-Jo specialises in finding that unique fashion accessory, complete accessory service from head to toe & personalised shopping.

“Our values are our own, individual & unique. To obtain the knowledge of who we are, our true image & style, will allow us to be empowered & confident in every area of our lives.” Tanya Lococo

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