Racing Season

The Racing season is upon us once again. So as a reminder for the set days, I have described each day’s criteria.

Derby Day.

As we know its Black & White. No other colours, any combination of Black & white, more of one or other but not just the one colour. Here’s an example of an elegant derby outfit.

Derby Day

  • Remember to break in your shoes before the day!

Cup Day

Cup day is all about colour for both the women and men. Strong, solid colours are in trend right now and the elegance of the past era goes well on this day.

Cup Day

  • the statement is the colour…a real standout!

Oakes Day

Oak’s Day is about being feminine, in your choice of fabrics and styles. Floral ticks all the boxes and is right on trend this season.

Oaks Day

  • pick out a couple of colours from your dress and use them for your accessories.

Stakes Day

Stakes Day is traditionally family day so the general feel is more relaxed. Still colourful & feminine but not as formal as the other days.

Stakes day

  • Remember to leave in the same state you arrived!

Enjoy the racing season and keep your shoes on!

Fabulously elegant Christmas

This festive season follow Coco Chanel’s advice that ‘Every woman should be Classy and Fabulous’.  Choose an elegant dress as your backdrop to some statement pieces to make you shine amongst your peers or workmates.


( Dress available at Myers – Accessories for Coco-Jo)

Get into the spirit of the season with a red in your dress or accessories. A traditional colour for the festive season and when used with black or white really makes a wow statement. Stand out with Class & Elegance and have a fabulous time without damaging your image.



( Dress available at Myers – Accessories for Coco-Jo)


Fashion Winter 2014

Fall/Winter fashion as seen in Paris

The colours that we were expecting for Winter 2014 in Australia will now not dominant until Winter 2015. The beautiful Royal purple and Cobalt Blue is making its way in, but the most prominent colours I saw in the Paris store windows was Black, Grey & Red.  Yes, there were other colours and they were beautiful deep hues of colour not bright as we’ve seeing coming through this Summer.

IMG_2400        IMG_2401

The colours shown here are the deeper hues, like mustard, plums & burgundy’s in this Winter’s fashion in Paris, except for the Red – which is the gorgeous bright winter Red.

IMG_2403      IMG_2399

Although it appears that colours are the secondary focus of the fashion for Winter 2014. The winter is all about the fabric and textures of the garment. Tartan, Leather & Fur was what was seen in every store window. Tartan is on its way big time for Winter 2015…but head to toe tartan is fashion that can be quite an eyeful, so instead add some interest with an accent of tartan. Or make the tartan the feature, like this overcoat below, and team it with a solid colour.

IMG_2395      IMG_2420

When you’re putting together your outfit next winter, make sure that you work in some leather or fur, whether its real or faux fur, it can be in your dress, coat, shoes, hand-bag, to be on trend and to give the outfit some interest. A simple way would be to just add fur to the collar or cuffs of a coat or grab a pair of gloves with fur trim.

Leather skirts. dresses, tops, scarves and jackets are all the rage. It can be as small as a leather trim to a leather maxi dress. Real or PU the choice is yours!

IMG_2413     IMG_2410

The evening wear stores with labels such as Valentino, Christian Lacroix and Aramani, had fabrics that were divine but the colours were still, the winter black, grey’s & red.

IMG_2415      IMG_2417

I purposely haven’t shown the large fashion houses store windows, you can see them in any fashion magazine. I wanted to show you a view of what the Parisian’s will be wearing. How their fashion stores interpret the fashion seen on the runway, and how it can work for you.

IMG_2405      IMG_2406

Remember in all this, to know your body shape and your colours, so that you can astutely choose and show your authentic, individual style for Winter 2014.




A Guide to Spring

 A Quick Guide to Spring

There are a few different trends being established, we’ll see which ones hit our shores, but if you follow any of these you can’t go wrong.

Belted Florals – pretty, printed, bound

Belted floral feminine dresses are the influence for work wear this season.

floral   floral1

 Checks galore – plaids, graphics, large netting

From mesh to monochrome, checks & squares – they are all strongly shown this season. This includes plaids, chequerboard & honeycomb holes that are spliced and quartered.  Grid lines are also a common theme.

ch ch2 ch3

All White – blank, blended, tailored

White this season is a careful blend of white, soft white & cloud-shades worn head to toe.  The styles are from sexy to street-smart. Try all white down to your underwear but keep it restrained and rich in texture.
white     wh3white2

 Cut up – impact, colour, contrast

Window pane panels of colour that are architecturally and methodically placed to ensure an optical carve up. Pencil is the key word, pencil skirt, pant, precision.  Look for pockets, panels, sleeves, collars or hems dyed in different colours with no blend edges.
co   cut up  co1

Weather wonders – water, wind, light.

This trend is marked by digital prints of turbulent yet mesmerizingly beautiful elements of weather. It can go from literal weather emblems to the colour combinations of weather.

winter3    winter 2

 Unfurled – pearls, curls, clash

The furled curl is commonly two toned, from flirty to matador-esque. Laser cut fabrics bring this trend to life and exhibit complete control over the curl.

Un unfur

Mediterranean movement – explosive, fluid, colour

Basket woven hoops, nips in the waist, fringes of silk and a dominant colour of red are the features of this trend.  Its inspiration is the feel of the sea and feminine coastal wear.

med2 med

 Slick & Sleek – matched, bright, clean

Crisp designs with bold impact, collarless shirts and slashed necklines to give the trend a clean line.  The hem length doesn’t work for all and the colours are strong yet not garish. All is matched even down to the accessories.

sleek2  sleek3   sleek

 Printed – magnificent, modern, mayhem

This trend is loved by designers and will appear again and again. This printed trend has ranges from printed text to glorious images. Be sure to ignore the fashion that uses images to disguise poor cut and contour; instead look for riots of patterns on tailored clothing to be print perfect.

print   p3   p2

Accentuate –slits, mesh, bare

Accessories this season include the slip shoe (shoes with deep cut uppers) which appear to peel back to reveal the foot within. The boot with chequered finish, the all cut up shoe with contrast panels. Accentuating shape coats are still around with cape like sleeves. Make up has wet look skin and dragon-temptress eyes…which means a fresh face with one highlight, such as ruby lips or emerald eyeliner.

shoe    shoe2  facecolour









How to wear black

Black is said to be the monarch of the fashion world, and in some cities it seems that women know no other colour. While it is true that black does go with everything and is always in style, I believe most women lean too heavily on this ‘no brainer versatility’ and forget the benefits that can be gained from wearing colour.


Designers tend to push the idea of wearing black due to the fact the fashion world being fickle and difficult, its hard for them to come up with a group of colours & styles that women will easily buy. To further confuse the consumers with the decision process by offering a large choice of colour options, only lead to less sales. Pushing the black concept is one way of solving this dilemma.



I personally, like black but not as a staple with the exclusion of everything else. When you look around Melbourne in particular in winter, we appear to be a sea of black, where there is no individualism or uniqueness. We are just like an ant colony in uniformity.

Although, then again in moderate quantities black is a terrific basic colour.

Black does have some not so desirable qualities that need to be considered, even by those who have it in their palette.

  • Black does not always make you appear slimmer.  If you are sensitive about your weight, your silhouette will be greatly defined, if you wear a very dark colour and stand in front of a light background. It can make some very scary photos!
  • Black can make you paler be comparison. If your skin is pale and you are getting older, you’ll find that your skin does not have the youthful glow it once hdark circlesad. Wearing black too near the face, can pull the colour from your complexion making you appear older.




  • Black can enhance lines & wrinkles. When worn near the face, colour reflects on the skin, light colours tend to lift and lighten. This is the similar effect when a photographer uses the white umbrella. A dark umbrella will force dark shows on your face settling into lines, wrinkles, and naturally dark areas like under your eyes and upper lip. With age we benefit from exchanging dark colours with medium dark colours near the face.

Bending the rules

  • Keep the colour away from your face. The further the colour is away from your face, the less impact it will have. The deeper and wider the neckline, the easier it will be to wear the colour.


  • Show as much skin as possible above the bust line. This will greatly improve the appearance of the colour on you, as it minimizes the amount of colour being seen in the critical area, just near your face. Strapless, medium to thin straps and cap sleeves garments work best. Remember to work with your body shape.
  • Select a fabric and surface that works best for your colouring. For example, a ‘warm-light’ that wishes to wear a black dress, is best to choose a smooth fabric in sheen to shiny/sparkly surface. Whereas a ‘cool-muted’ is best in fine soft texture and a matt to sheen surface such as velvet or silk.
  • To wear a dark colour when you’re best in light to medium. Add a soft coloured garment or accessory between you and the dark colour, to soften the harsh affect.


  • Keep the contrast level correct. If you are wearing black or a colour not on your palette, ensure the contrast is correct. This will get you half way there. Unflattering colours with the wrong contrast will make you look drained of colour or tired.

 So to summarize,

  1. No black next to your face
  2. Show an abundance of skin between black and your face
  3. Add your correct colour next to your face, eg scarf
  4. Ensure the contrast level is correct
  5. Add some jewellery (bling or light colour) to lift the colour near your face
  6. If you must wear black near your face you will need to apply heavier make up to compensate.

My last tip is – work at being true to the unique you and use colour to enhance and accentuate your best qualities to bring out the very best of your own particular style.

Colour trends for 2013/2014

Colour Trends for 2013

As Discussed we know that the colour of 2013 is Emerald but what other colours are appearing for 2013.

linden green

The Pantone new colour trends are – Linden Green a yellow toned green that will bring lightness and brightness to all the deeper shades that will be seen through Autumn/Winter.





Mykonos Blue – what a fantastic name! Makes you think of the blue of the sea, that’s bold and yet meditative for the more classic & relaxed feel.

 mykonos blue

Acai an elegant shade of purple will look fabulously regal when teamed with Emerald. It can add richness & mystery. Used with the other trend colours to create powerful combinations.

Acai earring

 Samba Red when teamed with Emerald will give added drama to the outfit

samba      -koi-

Koi known as a decorative orange can have dazzling and shimmering qualities. A continuation of last years – colour of the year but with more depth that will make a wonderful statement colour for your wardrobe.


Vivacious a deep fushia that’s unruly & wild adds sensuality to the colour trends of the year.  Deep Lichen Green a natural green that is lush and when teamed with vivacious captures both ends of the colour wheel.

deep lichen


Turbulance a mercurial dark grey that can be a base to many of this year’s trend colours.

mecurial grey

Finally rounding off the colours with Carafe a rich glamorous brown as an alternative to black in the warmer months.

carafe brown

Trends are usually in fashion over a short period of time so try them in tops, skirts & accessories, so that you will be on trend without to large outlay.  Enjoy the colours of the season and ensure that they are in your colour palette. Remember there are ways to wear colours that aren’t in your palette…for more information


The Colour for 2013 is Emerald

The Colour for 2013 is Emerald green.

 “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

Pantone 2013




The 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, was described by Pantone as a ‘spirited, reddish orange”, it was a colour that provided energy to recharge and move forward.

Whereas Emerald, a ‘vivid, verdant green’, as described by Pantone will enhance our sense of well being, inspire insight, and promote balance and harmony in our lives.

Emerald can conjure thoughts of the Emerald Isle, Leprechauns but is mostly associated with exquisite brilliant, precious gemstones that are perceived as sophisticated and luxurious. In our history, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – green conveys regeneration more than any other colour. Though out history, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.




 Emerald for Fashion

In the fashion and couture markets, the prevalence of green has been steadily rising for several seasons, even on the red carpet.  Emerald is a colour appropriate for every occasion, with its classic elegance, it makes for striking and irresistible women’s formal and everyday wear as well as accessories. In men’s sportswear, knitwear and ties Emerald makes a strong statement. This is a colour that is balanced yet sophisticated, it enlivens all colors in the spectrum and it is predicted to continue to make a statement beyond spring and summer into autumn and winter.

Tracey Reese

Emerald for Beauty

Emerald is equally harmonious on the cosmetic color wheel as it is in fashion. With Emerald it dramatizes all eye colors as it beautifully enhances green eyes, is compatible to blue eyes, emphasizes the green undertone in hazel eyes and intensifies brown eyes to make them appear deeper. As Emerald is a complimentary colour to peaches, pinks, roses, ruby reds and aubergines it will also be a perfect complement to them – offering a variety of lipstick and blush options. Emerald is even a great choice for nail polish as it suits various skin toning’s.

Office Parties – Are you destroying your image?

Christmas Office Parties- Are you destroying your Image?


It’s quickly getting to the festive Season and your Office Party is gearing up.

You’re now seriously thinking about getting that great outfit to make a huge impression on the boss. Have you thought what message your outfit is going to send? You love that sexy little clubbing or party number you saw in a great boutique, low cut, short to show off your great legs, which makes all your attributes stand out and makes you feel confident.

Is this what your boss is seeing – a confident woman? I’m sure he’s seeing a very sexy woman if you have all those attributes, but what is it doing to your work image?  Will your boss have trouble taking you seriously now? Will he only see that sexy woman and not that competent reliable woman? Image breakers sabotage all your hard work and can cause you to be overlooked for that promotion.


How about if instead you wore a fitted dress – demure on the top and with its hem to just above knee length, still emphasizing your attributes without putting them blatantly on display, giving the impression of elegance. What would your boss see now?  A woman confident in her appearance, attractive without having to put everything out there to ensure her self worth. She would be thought of as mature enough to be considered for promotion as he would know that she could represent the company with any client in a professional manner.

 We say  ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, but we are completely a judgmental society. In a matter of the first 30 seconds of meeting someone we will judge and compartmentalize that person. That’s why we must always make the best first impression we can. So, with respect to your office work party, the boss will make judgments.

Will he put you in the immature party girl box or the responsible employee he can see has a great future?

It’s not only the dressing correctly that gets judged; it’s also your behavior at the Office Party. Are you having a great time and enjoying all that free alcohol with no restraints? Have you said all the things you wanted to say to everyone and never had the nerve to whether they deserved it or not after a few drinks? Did you do something that’s out of character? Any of these look familiar?








This behavior will be judged and it will be extremely hard for the boss to get past an image of his staff member slurring her words or yelling loudly while spilling her drink, or God forbid passed out.

Your Image is who others see, protect it, nurture it, align all your ethics and morals and stand true by it.  Keep your personal life separate from your work life. If you want to be a party girl, fine, but eventually the party will be over and how much success you have in your professional life will be up to you, your behavior and your Image.

Live up to your full potential and cultivate an Image that can bring happiness and success in both your personal and professional life.

Image matters!

10 Top tips for a successful Christmas Office Party.

  1. Dress as if you are attending a business dinner with clients
  2. Make the best first business social event impression
  3. Greet and thank your boss for providing the office party
  4. Limit your alcohol intake
  5. Remember your dining etiquette
  6. Leave the office romance for another time
  7. Leave the bad language and jokes at the door
  8. Arrange a taxi for the end of the night to take you home
  9. Leave as you came in…elegant & dignified…
  10. Enjoy the thought that you were a success and made a great impression!