A Guide to Spring

 A Quick Guide to Spring

There are a few different trends being established, we’ll see which ones hit our shores, but if you follow any of these you can’t go wrong.

Belted Florals – pretty, printed, bound

Belted floral feminine dresses are the influence for work wear this season.

floral   floral1

 Checks galore – plaids, graphics, large netting

From mesh to monochrome, checks & squares – they are all strongly shown this season. This includes plaids, chequerboard & honeycomb holes that are spliced and quartered.  Grid lines are also a common theme.

ch ch2 ch3

All White – blank, blended, tailored

White this season is a careful blend of white, soft white & cloud-shades worn head to toe.  The styles are from sexy to street-smart. Try all white down to your underwear but keep it restrained and rich in texture.
white     wh3white2

 Cut up – impact, colour, contrast

Window pane panels of colour that are architecturally and methodically placed to ensure an optical carve up. Pencil is the key word, pencil skirt, pant, precision.  Look for pockets, panels, sleeves, collars or hems dyed in different colours with no blend edges.
co   cut up  co1

Weather wonders – water, wind, light.

This trend is marked by digital prints of turbulent yet mesmerizingly beautiful elements of weather. It can go from literal weather emblems to the colour combinations of weather.

winter3    winter 2

 Unfurled – pearls, curls, clash

The furled curl is commonly two toned, from flirty to matador-esque. Laser cut fabrics bring this trend to life and exhibit complete control over the curl.

Un unfur

Mediterranean movement – explosive, fluid, colour

Basket woven hoops, nips in the waist, fringes of silk and a dominant colour of red are the features of this trend.  Its inspiration is the feel of the sea and feminine coastal wear.

med2 med

 Slick & Sleek – matched, bright, clean

Crisp designs with bold impact, collarless shirts and slashed necklines to give the trend a clean line.  The hem length doesn’t work for all and the colours are strong yet not garish. All is matched even down to the accessories.

sleek2  sleek3   sleek

 Printed – magnificent, modern, mayhem

This trend is loved by designers and will appear again and again. This printed trend has ranges from printed text to glorious images. Be sure to ignore the fashion that uses images to disguise poor cut and contour; instead look for riots of patterns on tailored clothing to be print perfect.

print   p3   p2

Accentuate –slits, mesh, bare

Accessories this season include the slip shoe (shoes with deep cut uppers) which appear to peel back to reveal the foot within. The boot with chequered finish, the all cut up shoe with contrast panels. Accentuating shape coats are still around with cape like sleeves. Make up has wet look skin and dragon-temptress eyes…which means a fresh face with one highlight, such as ruby lips or emerald eyeliner.

shoe    shoe2  facecolour