As we get into the Spring mode & begin to de-clutter our wardrobes & our lives, I believe there is always a place for the forever pieces.

Don’t we all have something in our homes that trigger wonderful memories. May it be a blazer that you wore on your first date with your husband that has continued to be there through thick & thin. Always there to complete the outfit or keep you warm.  Beautiful sandals that have taken you dancing on you 21st birthday to parties & are always ready to take you out.

These items are like old friends, comfortable, dependable & fondly known as Keepers.

As our body matures & ages, so does our wardrobe, yes, we need to take the time to de-clutter the items that stop us from moving forward, growing changing into the ever evolving people we are. But there is always room for a few of our Keepers, items that you love & have loved you back in return.

Our Keepers may not be what we thought or envisioned that would tug at our heart-strings & want to be part of our lives. We thought they might be a fly by night but instead became a stayer, settling in to our lives and making everything else dull in comparison.

Surveys have recently shown that the average women has 22 pieces in her wardrobe that she never wears but refuses to let go. Why is that? Their attachment to Keepers.

These women may have limited space in their wardrobes and all these pieces do is clogs up your existence.

If your house was on fire & you had time to grab some items from your wardrobe, what would you grab & how many pieces mean that much to you?

Really you would probably just take a small armful, if that. Although there are items that have a high cost and classic fashion that can be worn continually – how many items in your wardrobe do you really care about to save from a fire?

If you grabbed items is particular, not just anything from your wardrobe so you have clothes but certain items you had to find in the wardrobe, these would be items that maybe your keepers

What does a Keeper mean to you? It can be something subtle that has a great fit, feels comfortable, is the prefect colour, not based on its price or brand. Something that makes you feel good or smile, something that isn’t about impressing anyone.

 For me its been a blazer, very similar to this, I bought in 1987 (I kid you not) – it had the somewhat appearance of a school blazer but looked great with everything from jeans to dresses, its in a classic navy colour with an crest on the pocket. It made me feel good whichever size I was during my life.  A Keeper transcends time, fashion & can be brought out again & again. My Blazer has seen better days now and tends to spend lots more time in the wardrobe but I know its there and it’s the romantic notion, I know that it has been a part of my life, just like a friend.

Everyone’s Keeper is subjective and you find it by instinct and although I believe that we all need to de-clutter our wardrobes and move things forward, changing ourselves with time, updating our style & keeping up with todays fashion in our own way. I still believe that there is room in all our lives for the Keeper, our friend, ours forever.